The Hidden Cabin
Adventure Rooms Connecticut
282 Main Street Extension A3, Middletown, CT, US

In a small Baroque church in Rome, a magnificent Caravaggio altarpiece has disappeared without a trace. In a secret vault in Vienna, the disappearance of the great treasure, Buste de Femme 1938 by Pablo Picasso, has been discovered. At the Gallery of Modern Art in London, the museum's newest acquisition is stolen just hours after it was purchased. Are you ready for an incredibly entertaining, fully immersive, and most importantly private room escape experience? Create your own personal tale while exploring The Hidden Cabin, which is rumored to be owned by an international master art thief. You will encounter a trail of bizarre clues and puzzles, deal with forgeries, over-paintings, and uncover the techniques used by a master thief to prepare for his crimes. Can you out-maneuver a master thief? $30 per person Fully private room escape event Your team will never play or be paired with strangers Minimum team size is 2 Plan to spend about 60 minutes at Adventure Rooms Questions? 860-358-9130 or Group of 9 or more? Reserve the “Adventure Rooms Duel” for up to 40 people! Up to 5 teams can compete simultaneously. Please call 860-358-9130 to book a large party.

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An interesting room with a fun twist, and some puzzles that I've never seen before this! The only criticism I'd have that there was very little narrative flow from one puzzle to the next. Much more of a 'puzzle room' then the typical narrative escape game. Nonetheless, the room was so well done, the set pieces were amazing, and we were left saying "wow"! I wouldn't recommend this to an all ages group as there are many pieces that could hurt or may be heavy to lift if mishandled, but its a spectacle that needs to be seen!
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