Remedy...25 Years Later
Adventure Rooms Connecticut
282 Main Street Extension A3, Middletown, CT, US

Remedy was hid… as directed. 25 years later the Voice has instructed the Remedy to be moved. A lot has happened since then… as tends to happen in 25 years. Your team is headed to a deserted town devastated by the nuclear catastrophe. You will encounter a fully immersive environment. Your goal is to gather objects, find clues, decipher codes, and solve puzzles in an effort to get your hands in the Remedy. Let’s hope the Geiger counter readings are accurate! $30 per person Fully private room escape event Your team will never play or be paired with strangers Minimum team size is 2 Plan to spend about 60 minutes at Adventure Rooms Questions? 860-358-9130 or Group of 9 or more? Reserve the “Adventure Rooms Duel” for up to 40 people! Up to 5 teams can compete simultaneously. Please call 860-358-9130 to book a large party.

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