La Mina
Unreal Room Escape
Barcelona, Spain

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Summary: Very immersive experience and lots of unique use of props in the puzzles. Puzzles: There were a few thinky puzzles, but where this room really stood out to me was the amount of really new and unique interactive elements with the set. Immersion: This is where the room really shined. The set was really well-done, and you actually get a bit dusty in the room. Most of the puzzle elements were very thematic and the interaction with the props was very satisfying. Execution: Flow was mostly good, but getting some of the interactions to work was a little fiddly. While the gamemaster did speak English, sometimes it was hard to understand, especially in the end when it got a bit loud. Group size: We had a group of 4, which was a good amount. It would be too crowded with more.
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