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Riddler's Escape
510 25th Ave N, Suite 5, St Cloud, MN, US

You choose the escape room adventure! We have 4 different adventures available. Upon registration you'll have the option to let us know which room you want to explore with your team. What you need to know: Price Person: $24.95 Private Experience: All daytime bookings are private experiences Ages: All ages are welcome Minimum Booking: 4 people per booking are required Duration: One hour Choose from one of the following rooms: Detective Lockwood A noxious gas, that has horrible side effects, has been found at eight crime scenes. When the Metropolitan Police move the case to inactive, Vincent Lockwood leaves the force to continue the search on his own. Now he’s missing and we believe another attack is imminent. You’ve been called in to pick up where the detective left off, gather evidence, and uncover the mystery of the Green Reaper before more innocent people are hurt. The problem is, can you trust the clues you find, or has the Green Reaper already gotten to Lockwood? Liberty Falls The great American empire has fallen into chaos and the country's infrastructure has collapsed. The world we once knew it is a distant, faded memory. You and your ragtag band of survivors have been fighting relentlessly to restore order. It seemed an unwinnable battle, but now a strangest enemy bunker has been discovered amongst the apocalyptic remains of the city. It may hold the promise of a better future for you, your friends, and your countrymen. Heroes in Training Great for adults, teens and kids. We've pulled out all the stops and created a room that takes us back to our childhood. Your comic book SUPERHEROES have disappeared and the Heroes In Training program is urgently seeking brave, intelligent, charismatic applicants to fill their boots. Only those of the highest caliber need apply. Your mission? Find the villain, stop his reign of terror, and make sure your first H.I.T. Mission isn't your last. SpellBound The first and only rule of alchemy? To obtain what you desire, something of equal value must be given in return. If the evil wizard, Molgovo, succeeds in creating an immortality elixir, your life will be used to balance the scales. Escape your cell, find your friends, and escape the wizard before your souls are bound to the elixir and the only life left in the castle is his.

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