X-Train Fbi Mission #The Bomb Scare# / Banquet Hall
Xterious Escape Inc.
105 E Reno Ave, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV, US

About Hello, this is 911, how can I help you? Please help! I’ve found graphic correspondence on my brothers’ desk and I’m afraid he joined some terrorist group months ago. I don’t want him to get into trouble, but he has been talking about some kind of a bomb, and how it will create complete chaos and endless people will die. The note I found says that the bomb will detonate in an hour at Union Station. Please help prevent this! My brother surely doesn’t want to kill anyone, please evacuate the station as soon as possible! Please hurry you only have 60 minutes! Please, deactivate the bomb! My husband works at the station, I’m begging you, please save them!! ……… About Rental Rates (No Game) The Ultimate Large Team Escape Experience. (The Train Station Bomb Scare) Our banquet hall Escape Room is perfect for your: Corporate events, Birthday Parties, Social Functions, Wedding parties, Etc. Catering options are available! 1 Hour Rental - $99 2 Hour Rental - $198 3 Hour Rental - $297 4 Hour Rental - $396 5 Hour Rental - $495 6 Hour Rental - $594 What to Bring Your Friends

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