Vault 2: Markov's Endgame
SoCo Escape Room
503 W 4th St, Pueblo, CO 81003, USA
2-8 players
Duration: 80 minutes

Years ago, in The Vault, you worked closely with Markov, a sly villain, but after you betrayed him to the CIA you had to disappear when things went awry. Now, after you’ve been in hiding for years, Markov and your crew are being blamed for a series of terrible attacks around the world. Of course you aren’t guilty and neither is Markov, but that’s not what the media is saying. Out of nowhere, you get a call from Markov. “Meet me at the Apollo Hotel. I have something you’ll want to see,” he says. And you do. And what you find is not only shocking, but disturbing. As you bring the truth behind the attacks to light, you'll discover that in the world of Markov, all is never as it seems.

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