5 Wits
Syracuse, NY, USA

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I will start in the same way I always do with 5 Wits. 5 Wits is not an escape room. It's an adventure, focused more on the storyline and adventuring. However, don't let this disappoint you. 5 Wits is amazing! There are no locks, the scenery is so great you can't convince yourself it's fake, and the puzzles are fantastic! Tomb is where you go into an ancient Egyptian tomb, but the Pharaoh is not happy with your arrival! Can you outwit his puzzles before you meet your fate? I know, it's another Egyptian theme, but it is fantastic! There's all sorts of cool technology and lights, and it feels like you're in the moment! There are multiple rooms, and the computer adjusts the level of difficulty depending on how well you are doing. Recommend strongly!
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