Time Travel Trouble
Armadillo Escape Room Adventures
Katy, TX, USA

You finally had a week off from work and you were planning the vacation of a lifetime! Since you were a kid you had always dreamed of traveling through time to explore other eras and the ways of life of people in the past and in the future. Now, the first ever time machine is up and running and bookings are available to the public for vacation getaways. Since the opportunity presented itself, you were one of the first to eagerly sign up! With the paperwork in hand, the front page reads, "To all time travelers - WARNING: TIME MACHINE STILL BEING TESTED!!! There is a chance that something goes wrong during your vacation to the past or the future. If so, you will only have 60 minutes to make things right to get back to present times or you will be stuck in your time travel destination." Even with the warning, you proceeded with the registration. Will you have the vacation of a lifetime or will you be stuck in a different time? (Multi-room experience) To reserve a private adventure, please select "Purchase Private Adventure."

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