The Treasure of the Lost Shaman
Maggie Valley Puzzle Rooms
Maggie Valley, NC, USA
1-10 players

Hundreds of years ago, Samsu the Great was a shaman respected by all the tribes in the Americas. When he died, Samsu’s gold totem was buried with him, and all information about his burial was lost. Treasure hunters have searched for decades for this priceless artifact, but the famous archaeologist Dusty Cole Lector found it on a recent expedition. He had to store it in his secret facility because of an urgent request from the National History Museum. As Dr. Lector’s interns, you must find the gold totem so you can get it to the museum. But hurry! Word has gotten out about the location of the gold totem of Samsu, and treasure hunters will stop at nothing to get their hands on it so they can sell it on the black market.

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