The Poisonous Shark
Maggie Valley Puzzle Rooms
Maggie Valley, NC, USA
1-10 players

Silver Tooth Sam was one of the most successful pirates of the 18th century. He captured more than thirty ships and looted towns up and down the southeastern coast of the United States and several ports in the Caribbean. The British Naval Force in Charleston sent Lt. John Hopwood to deal with this fearsome pirate, but it took several ships to finally surround Silver Tooth Sam’s ship The Poisonous Shark. Legend has it that the infamous pirate set fire to his own ship while trying to escape in a dinghy, but The Poisonous Shark toppled onto the dinghy before Silver Tooth Sam could get away. In his captain’s quarters, he had hidden his largest collection of booty in one place. Having died such a terrible death on a full moon in the ninth month, his ship has appeared for one day every year since his death. Many treasure hunters have unsuccessfully tried to get their hands on his gems, doubloons, and other priceless artifacts. Since this is the night The Poisonous Shark reappears, now is your chance. You have one hour to find Silver Tooth Sam’s treasure before the ship disappears, and if you are still on it when it disappears, you will disappear with it … forever.

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