The Night Rises
Logic Escape Rooms
1411 E. Campbell Road, Suite 1500, Richardson, TX, US

For hundreds of years, vampires have been preying upon the unsuspecting citizens of small cities such as yours, capturing their souls and enslaving them to an eternal nightmare doing their dark master’s bidding. You and your group have been called upon by the famous investigator, Lawrence “Larry” Knight. He has been tracking one such agent of evil around the globe and has uncovered a sinister plot to infest your city and begin feeding once he materializes. Over the centuries, he has gone by many names – “Azazel,” “Samael,” Alaric,” “Draven.” And now, so as to blend in and raise no suspicions, he intends to materialize at dusk under the name of “Steve.” Vampire Steve’s minions have obtained several relics that Larry has found across the globe and stored them in Steve’s home so that they could not be used against him. Time is of the essence, as today marks the end of Steve’s “Vampiris Regenerationis,” a period in which a vampire re-generates into human form. During this period, he appears as nothing more than a pile of dirt and ash. At dusk, the relics will be used to call forth the Soul Sphere, and Vampire Steve’s reign of terror will begin anew. Your objectives: Find the ancient relics within Vampire Steve’s home and place them on the altar. Find the Soul Sphere. Use an ancient box to teleport the sphere directly to Larry. If you fail, you and your group will become soulless minions of Steve. And that just sounds like a terrible fate, don’t you think? You have 60 minutes. The clock is ticking.

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