The Mysterious Treasure Hunt | Bedford Location | 605 Harwood Road, Bedford, Tx, 76021
Conundrum Escape Adventures
603 W Harwood Rd, Euless, TX 76039, USA
1-10 players
Duration: 61 minutes

BEDFORD LOCATION: Sherman Willoughby, one of the richest men in the country has died. Before he passed away, it was said that he buried a portion of his fortune somewhere in Texas. In the years preceding his death he released clues to the general public, but nobody has been able to find a trace of buried treasure. One of the last things he did was set up a unique exhibit at a local museum. He promised that within this personally curated exhibit, enough clues existed to point the right person to the location of his treasure. It has been a year, and still nobody has cracked the riddles that he has left behind. Now, the exhibit is closed, partially disassembled, and the artifacts are scheduled to be removed. You have snuck into the exhibit, but your window to this treasure map closes in one hour.

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