The Lighthouse - Private
Calypso Escape Room
8206 Leesburg Pike, Ste 201B, Vienna, VA 22182

Lighthouses are made to be visible from far and wide, but what is within those narrow walls is hidden from sight. The majestic ideal of this lighthouse fades as you enter, and the walls slowly begin to close in on you. You, the new lighthouse keeper, are entirely at the mercy of Captain White. As you discover the unfortunate fate of your predecessor, you realize that you must escape. To your great advantage, Reginald, the lighthouse keeper before you, has left clues to help you escape the lighthouse. However, you must solve his riddles within 45 minutes if you are to board the last ship leaving the island. Make haste, or you will join Reginald in his fate. Intermediate to Expert Level Room - Max 8 Participants

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