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September 5, 1977 – As part of a mission to study the outer reaches of our solar system, Voyager I was launched into space. The probe's objectives included a flyby of Jupiter, Saturn, and Saturn's largest moon, Titan. In case the probe was ever found by intelligent life forms, it carried a gold-plated audio-visual disc carrying significant data and observations about life forms on our gentle planet. It also included a map and an invitation. We should have known better. Alien beings have intercepted our probe and accepted our invitation. Earth's gold-plated record, originally intended to be an introduction to life on earth, has been misinterpreted by the visitors as a resource to be mined. Beginning by abducting the easiest of life forms (cattle), they have become thirsty for more. An orbiting alien mothership has been sighted by our satellites and the intention is clear. Once the countdown from the mothership reaches zero, the alien invasion will begin, and there will be no hope for our survival. Luckily for us, an alien scout spacecraft crashed near Wylie, Texas decades ago. Since then, the secret government agency known as USPEC has been studying the debris it had excavated from the site and has been diligent in recreating the scout ship's alien console. You have stumbled across one of the primary USPEC bunkers which has been abandoned (presumably because they felt it was hopeless to continue their studies, as the countdown was nearing zero already). Your objectives are: Find a way into the fabricated alien console room, then Decipher the alien code and use the alien technology in order to power the console completely, so that you can finally Send a transmission to the alien mothership to abort the invasion and move on to the next planet. The mothership's countdown is nearing an end. It is up to you to stop the invasion. You have 60 minutes. The clock is ticking.

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