The Exam Room
Exit Games KC
300 Oak St, Suite D, Bonner Springs, KS, US

Rates Person: $25 Private Room (Up to 8 People | Minimum of 2 people): Starting at $75 for 2 people | $25 per person after the minimum Please Note: The game is designed for ages 14 and up. However, anyone under 14 can play with adult supervision. We encourage groups of 4-8 for the best escape experience! Duration 60 Minutes About You receive a strange call from a man who seems very interested in your skill set. The reason for their interest is unknown but they make you an offer you simply cannot refuse. You arrive at the testing facility and are guided within the walls of a standard, unassuming classroom where the Exam will take place. After you start the Exam, something in the back of your mind tells you that the paper lying in front of you may not be the only Exam being taken in this room. Delve deep into your mind for the answers to this test of wit, where the solutions are right in front of your eyes, if you're observant enough to recognize them. Will you be able to pass The Exam?

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