The Elevators
Michigan Escape Room
58944 Van Dyke Ave, Washington Township, MI, 48094
4-9 players
Duration: 60 minutes

READ CAREFULLY AND FULLY BEFORE BOOKING THE ELEVATORS WHEN BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT YOU WILL ONLY PURCHASE THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF TICKETS THAT THE ROOM HOLDS. YOU CAN THEN ADD ADDITIONAL TICKETS AT THE DOOR AT THE TIME OF YOUR GAME. WE WILL NEVER ADD PLAYERS FROM OTHER GROUPS INTO YOUR ROOM. YOUR GROUP WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PRIVATE EXPERIENCE ONCE YOU PUT DOWN YOUR DEPOSIT! This is a motion activated game. *Please DO NOT play if you can not easily keep your balance or are/may be pregnant. Players will be split into two groups to start the game. You will meet and play together as the game progresses. PLEASE HAVE YOUR PLAYERS SPLIT INTO TWO GROUPS BEFORE ARRIVING. ( This is NOT A SPINNY RIDE and WILL NOT make you dizzy. It is built for family fun! ) Wedged or heeled shoes CAN NOT be worn while inside the elevator. Please wear flat shoes such as tennis shoes or flip flops etc. Teams with players ages 13 or younger must have at least 2 adults 18 or over playing! ( You may be asked for ID ) NO INFANTS or Children under the age of 6 are allowed inside the elevators. We highly suggest participants be 10 years or older to experience this game. *An 11th player WILL NOT be allowed into the elevators. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THE ELEVATOR EXPERIENCE PLEASE CALL MICHIGAN ESCAPE ROOM AT 586-745-7665. WE LOOK FORWARD TO LOCKING UP YOUR GROUP SOON!

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