The Cult of Mithras
Dare to Escape AZ
9875 S Priest Dr, Ste 101, Tempe, AZ 85284
1-1 players

RECOVER THE BIRTHSTONE OF A ROMAN GOD You are part of the Cult of Mithras. The cult has evolved into protectors of the Mithral stone over the centuries. It is centered around the William estate in England, owned by Cedric William IV, the grandmaster of the cult.Your rank within the cult is leo. You are tasked with living near the estate, and to support William in case anything goes wrong. And things did go wrong… You each received a call from Isabella Prisca, the venerable historian of the cult. She says: "Somebody tried to break in. Defenses activated. Police will be there within an hour. You must disable the defenses. Recover the stone and escape the room before the police arrive." This game is for up to 7 players, and you will have 60 minutes to escape. Our base price is $28. However, we charge only $21 for the students with a student ID, $14 for the kids (7-12 years old), and we don't charge anything for the kids younger than 7. Please note that we also charge a $2 service fee per participant, and sales tax on the overall price. Children must be accompanied by an adult in the game. If you wish to have the room to yourself, please purchase all 7 tickets.

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