The Christmas Crisis
Logic Escape Rooms
1411 E. Campbell Road, Suite 1500, Richardson, TX, US

Room Description The elves at the Richardson branch of Santa’s Workshop were well-deserving of a long vacation. How were they supposed to know that when they all took a cruise to the Bahamas together, they’d be caught in a hurricane on the high seas? They’re all safe, but they’re stuck on an island until all the airports open again, which means there’s no one in the workshop to build the toys. And their deadline is just around the corner. First, find your way into the workshop. Then, build the toys for the remaining continents around the world. Finally, place them in the proper containers for shipment to the North Pole. It’s up to you to bring joy to millions of people around the globe. But first, you’re going to need you to put all of the pieces together. You have 60 minutes. The clock is ticking.

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