The Cabin in the Woods
Incognito Escape Room
4 Bridgefoot St, Usher's Quay, Dublin, Ireland
2-10 players
Duration: 60 minutes

In recent months, a mysterious serial killer who identifies himself as ‘The Revolutionary’ committed four ghastly murders around the Ireland. Today, more victims have been captured, and a recurrently being held in a closet in his makeshift lair. Luckily, the victims are easy to locate thanks to cell phone GPS technology, and a group of brave individuals has arrived at the lair to attempt a rescue. Always one step ahead, The Revolutionary set a trap just inside his front door, and now the rescuers are also trapped in a closet in the lair.In 60 minutes, The Revolutionary will return to commit his fifth gruesome crime, unless the victims and rescuer scan escape the serial killer’s lair.

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