The Betrayal Room
Exit Games KC
300 Oak St, Suite D, Bonner Springs, KS, US

Rates Person: $25 Private Room (Up to 8 People | Minimum of 2 people): Starting at $75 for 2 people | $25 per person after the minimum Please Note: The game is designed for ages 14 and up. However, anyone under 14 can play with adult supervision. We encourage groups of 4-8 for the best escape experience! Duration 60 Minutes About This was the kind of scheme that you were born to perfect - in and out quick, no hostages, no mess. You know this scenario like the back of your hand and, to top it off, it just so happens to include the biggest payoff of your life. One big heist - maybe the last of your career. You draw up the perfect plan and account for every variable as you and your partners prepare to take on this incredible and dangerous task. Though having partners that you know you can trust certainly eases your mind, you can't help but wonder - with all that is at stake, what would happen if you were... Betrayed?

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