The Autopsy
Crystal River Room Escape
8740 Mayo Drive Suite #5, Crystal River, FL, US

Staring Death in the Face! Rates Player (All Ages): $23 Private Room (All Ages, Up to 6 Players): $138 Duration 1 Hour About Whose Body is it? In the Autopsy you have 2 jobs – ESCAPE the room and solve a murder mystery. Headquarters has been investigating the disappearance of Donald the Barber from our Barbershop. Donald has been missing for some time now and things are not quite right in the Autopsy Room. So headquarters has sent you in to solve the case. Since the disappearance of Donald, the Autopsy has been heavily guarded with the guards only leaving during lunch. This means you have 1 hour to figure out the mystery and Escape. Remember you are working undercover so it is very important you fit in, slip on a lab coat and look official. The clock is ticking!!!

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