The Asylum
Can You Escape London
219 Commercial Drive Suite 1, London, Kentucky, 40744
2-8 players
Duration: 60 minutes

In the late 80's a few dozen of people mysteriously disappeared through out USSR and have never been found since then. From the declassified archives it became known that they disappeared behind the walls of a special psychiatric clinic where the tests were carried out on human beings without their consent. Here the scientist conducted human experiments. They examined the possibilities of the human brain in complete isolation from the world. This secret laboratory, aka HEC_0153 was found among abandoned bunkers and labyrinths. As an experienced specialist, you were sent to learn and investigate all the remaining secrets of this institution. Now you are locked inside one of the highly guarded rooms of the facility, called “The Asylum”. Who knew that the dreaded doctors are not willing to share their secrets even after their deaths! You have 60 min to escape The Asylum before you lose your mind because the border line between reality and fantasy is so thin…

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