The Man From Beyond ...
Strange Bird Immersive
7026 Old Katy Rd, Ste 310, Houston, TX 77024
1-8 players

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From the moment you walk into the building, you are entertained. The lobby is filled with fun messages and notes. There are large raven wings on the wall for photo ops. When you are greeted by Madam Daphne, you are invited into her parlor each participant is handed a book with their name. Inside you are shown a tarot card for which you must locate within the room to discover your fortune. It is also at this time you sign the waver. Some may wish to have their fortune told at this time. Madame Daphne takes you into a dark hallway with photos depicting the rules which must be followed during the seance. The theming for this experience is amazing. You are completely immersed through the entire experience. The puzzles are completely on point and follow the Houdini storyline very well. This is one of the best escape rooms we have experienced because of the theatrical interaction, but also the theming.
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