Pirate Booty - A Puzzling Pirate Adventure
Skellington Manor Escape Experience
420 18th St, Rock Island, IL 61201, USA
1-1 players
Duration: 60 minutes

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN A REAL-LIFE ADVENTURE WITH “PIRATE BOOTY” Who hasn’t dreamed of being a pirate, sailing the seas and finding buried treasure? Skellington Manor Escape Experience is offering a unique mega-game large group option for a fun twist to the same old group activity. Originally designed for corporate team-building, Pirate Booty can be run cooperatively or competitively. Pirate Booty contains many of the same elements as a traditional escape room, but exceeds that experience in scale and scope. There are no locked doors to escape through here. Rather, participants work in teams of up to 8 players to open the chests at their and solve the mystery at their table. They will interact with pirates around the room and acquire needed objects while finding clues and solving puzzles. Players encounter challenging puzzles that require physical interaction, spacial reasoning, locating hidden objects, decoding secret messages, working together to access objects and many others. The final puzzle has teams working together to unlock the treasure chest and recover the Pirate Booty....AARGH! Interested in booking a team building event? Call 365-344-9187 Ask about options for food and drink too!

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