Shazam!: Destruction Of Dr. Dub'S Devise
Escape Cape
1231 Broadway St., Cape Girardeau, MO, US

SHAZAM!: Destruction of Dr. Dub's Devise. Can you conquer the lasers, find your way thru the dark and deactivate both bombs before Dr. Dub's plans are carried out? Rates Participant: $20 Private Room: $25/participant Up to 6 people can participate in this room. All ages welcome!. We will make an attempt to fill each room to capacity by placing separate groups of people together. If you would like your group to exclusively have a room, you have three choices: 1) Have enough people in your group to fill the room to capacity, 2) Purchase the maximum capacity of tickets available for the room, or 3) Reserve your room with less than the maximum capacity and hope nobody else books for the same time. Duration 60 Minutes About Dr. Dub's has set up laser beams, a dark room and many other traps in his den to keep his plan of destruction right on track. Will you be able to disarm the bombs before their timers go off and save the people of Wicklepop from total destruction? Do you have what it takes?

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