Sandy Island
Escape Adventures
Chiefland, FL, USA
1-1 players

You and your family have enjoyed a week long cruise aboard the mystic escape cruise ship. On your trip home the captain has decided to make a unexpected stop at Sandy Island. To make the stop even more memorable, your group has agreed to have a one night camp out under the stars. An early departure at 4:14am has you second guessing your decision to enjoy the camp out. As you board the ship that morning, the captain informs you there will be a 30 minute delay. You and your family head below to catch up on some beauty sleep. As you pile your overnight bag back into your room, you realize you left your camera. Refusing to leave your memories, you decide to sneak off the ship while everyone snoozes. You have 30 minutes right? You race to the island, grab your camera, and race to the ship only to watch it sail away, You shout for them to stop. It’s only been 17 minutes!! The captain doesn’t know you are gone and your family is sleeping. Oh well, it’s a paradise, how bad can it be? Can you find your way back in time?

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