283 Washington St, Boston, MA 02108, United States
1-8 players
Duration: 60 minutes

This game takes you on an adventure set in an Apothecary that inhabited this very building in the early 1700's! You are searching long forgotten chambers for a cure-all from the old world know as the Panacea. Why do we need to find the Panacea? Well, a disease has been released from the melting permafrost and you have been infected along with most of humanity. You must become a master the 7 principles of Alchemy in order to prove your worth to obtain it and save the world! This game is designed for up to 8 people; we reccomend around 6. Private reservations for Panacea begin once you book for at least 4 partipants.

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Panacea is an amazing escape room! It has no locks, cabinets open when you do something with objects. You have to master the Seven Principles Of Alchemy to win, so that means seven different major puzzles. Despite only having seven main puzzles, it provided a challenge. Panacea is my favorite room in the Boston area, although if you're around Boston I highly recommend going to 5 Wits in Foxboro. Highly recommend!
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