Grimm Tales
Rexburg Re-Escape
Rexburg, ID, USA

Seasonal Room! Rates Person (4-8 people): $12 per person Small Group (2-3 people): $19 per person All Ages Children under 15 years old must have an adult present. Duration 1 hour About You were helping the Brother's Grimm gather strange accounts and stories for their collection. While walking through the woods to verify some rumors of an enchanted tree, you are kidnapped by a witch. She traps you in her cottage. Her plans? To skin, roast and devour you. But first she needs to collect enough herbs and spices to stuff you all with. She grumbles, as she walks out the door that it would take an entire hour to collect herbs. If you can escape the witch's hut and all of her enchantments, you will have quite the story to tell the Brother's Grimm. If you can't, your tongues may tell a different tale from the view of a dinner plate. What to Bring Please bring a photo ID.

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