Pirate Plunder - Can You Find The Treasure And Escape?
Escape Room 60
60 Smithfield Blvd, Plattsburgh, NY 12901, United States
1-10 players
Duration: 60 minutes

Three centuries ago the most bloodthirsty pirate to sail the Seven Seas hid one of the largest treasures the world has never known. Many have searched for it. All have failed. All, that is, until now. After a five-year quest, you and a ragtag of team of treasure hunters locate the legendary buccaneer’s underground lair. You begin your descent into the maze of seaside caverns. But by the time your eyes adjust to the darkness, it’s too late. An ancient boobytrapped door slams shut behind you. The tide is rising and your air is running out. Can you crack the code, unlock the treasure, and escape? Or will Pegleg’s Curse claim you as its next victim? Work together, use your wits, and live to tell the tale!

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