Off The Couch
1220 Memorex Drive, Santa Clara, California, 95050
2-6 players
Duration: 60 minutes

ALL BOOKINGS ARE PRIVATE. Only your group will be in the game. The great engineer and inventor, Nikola Tesla, left a sizable inheritance for anyone who could successfully uncover the secret to his last invention — his house! Tesla’s house is actually a machine whose inner workings are based on his greatest historical influences, such as Da Vinci, Dante, and other great masters. Are you up to the challenge? Pit yourself against the greatest minds of history to prove that you deserve your inheritance. *This is a great game for first time escape room players and new comers to the hobby.

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It’s difficult to find good escape rooms in the Bay Area but the Inheritance room does not disappoint. One of my favorite escape rooms in the Bay Area. The room was very atmospheric and had lots of really unique, imaginative puzzles that fit the theme. Great for beginners and experts alike.