New! Fairly Odd Tales
MindBreak Escape Rooms - Norwich
113 Salem Turnpike #8, Norwich, CT, US

Can you help the townspeople live happily ever after? Rates Player: $24.99 Private Group: $249.99 (up to 10 players) Duration 1 hour About Once upon a time, two brothers became popular for their grim and frightening fairy tales. As their fame spread across the land, their very oddly creative siblings became jealous of the Grimm brothers. They decided to start writing children’s books themselves. In their first release, they inadvertently exposed secrets of The Moon Howlers, a inept local wolf pack. Infuriated, the gang’s leader, Fang, vowed to seek revenge on the entire town. After wreaking havoc late one night, the pack took several townspeople into the surrounding enchanted forest. Your job is to sneak past the wolf pack and rescue the hostages while avoiding the mysteries of the enchanted forest. Can you help everyone live happily ever after before the wolves cause the townspeople even more trouble?

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