The Ramen Shop
Mystery Maui
81 N. Market St. Ste 200, Wailuku, HI, US

The Ramen Shop You’re given a police report of what happened at Masato’s Ramen shop. Chef Masato is reported missing. His family is worried as he never missed a day at work. His assistant Ben says he’s been acting weird lately and has been forgetting and misplacing things, perhaps because of his old age. Or maybe he's trying to reveal something? Work together as a team and discover clues hidden within the ramen shop. Open locks and unveil the secrets that surround Chef Masato’s disappearance. You will only have 60 minutes. Rates: Minimum of 2, maximum of 6 people per game General - $35 per person Kama`aina - $30 per person Kids (7-12 years) - $20 per person (plus tax and booking fee) Booking with children must include at least 1 adult per game. The Ramen Shop game is 80% accessible (some portions of the game are not accessible by wheelchair).

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