Operation Nightwalker
MindTrap Escape Room
40414 California Oaks Rd Suite C, Murrieta, CA 92562, USA

A WWII ZOMBIE ADVENTURE! Allied attempts to stop the launch of the V3 rockets as part of Operation Longbow are successful... and theAxis powers have turned to the unholy powers of the undead! Your commando team must infiltrate an abandoned medical facility under cover of darkness, face the horrors of the enemy experiments , and defeat the zombie soldiers before you join their ranks!NOTE:This is a re-imagining of one of our best-selling adventures, OPERATION LONGBOW. The game environment has been re-skinned to emphasize the scary atmosphere, and the MAJORITY of puzzles will have been changed/added, but players who have experienced OPERATION LONGBOW should take note that a MAJORITY of the physical environment will remain similar in form/function. That said, players who have already experienced LONGBOW can expect PLENTY of new surprises! DIFFICULTY: ADVANCED (TBD Success Rate) PLAYERS: 2-8 ADDRESS: 40414 CALIFORNIA OAKS RD SUITE C, MURRIETA, CA 92562

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Operation Nightwalker: MindTrap Escape Room - Murrieta Go play this room! We played and loved it. Even though we played Operation Longbow , this was a brand new experience with new and challenging puzzles. Once again, MindTrap and Labyrinth outdid themselves in immersion, great game play and entertainment. #mindtrapfan #socaleacaperoom #c3 #escaperoom #socalera #zombie