Magic Kingdom
Maze Rooms
132 S Vermont ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90004
2-7 players
Duration: 60 minutes

All our rooms are private, so you won't be paired with strangers! No one under 4 ft. tall will be admitted into the room. Any players under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult player. The Magic Kingdom is in danger! Are you brave enough to take a risk and be the savior or is this adventure too dangerous for ordinary humans?

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Big fan of this Maze Rooms location. The designer of these rooms is clearly very creative, so the rooms are imaginative, immersive, and well put together. Magic Kingdom is a beautiful room that’s bound to be an enchanting time for beginners and experts alike. It’s much more about the whole experience rather than about the puzzles, so don’t expect a lot of challenging puzzles, but prepare to be fully immersed into a magical place. Out of all the magic themed escape rooms I’ve done (and there have been many!) this is by far my favorite. Plus there’s one surprise element in this room that is especially unique and fun, and really brings it to a whole new level. After doing lots of escape rooms (60+), it's rare to see a room try something truly different and this one does it! Highly recommend.