Erebus Escape
34 Oakland Ave, Pontiac, MI, US

Rates $28 per person Duration 1 hour Room Description Step away from the normal 9 to 5. No more rush hour traffic, no homework, no fixing dinner. In fact, you just tornado-ed into 3 felonies and have been on the run for hours now. Inevitably, you're caught and thrown in the slammer. This maximum high security prison is your new home. Whether you're in for life or just under an hour is totally up to you. Do you have the skill set and street smarts to elude the guards and slip through the cracks. Do you have what it takes to think like a convict? Cunning, manipulative, primal, a one track mind focused on one thing and one thing only... ESCAPE! What to Bring Wear something comfortable. You may have to reach or crawl through certain areas of your game. Bring your brain and your imagination! No jackets, cellphones, tablets, calculators, pens or paper etc. will be permitted inside the games. We have secure lockers on site for you to leave your belongings in free of charge, so be sure to arrive 15 minutes early.

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