Legend of Theradonia
Escape Hour Gig Harbor
3212 50th St Ct B-104, Gig Harbor, WA 98335, USA
2-6 players
Duration: 70 minutes

Overview: As years pass in our realm only moments pass in Theradonia. The war between good and evil rages on as the Goblin King begins to take over this once peaceful land full of magical creatures. Now with two of the three orbs of Theradonia stolen by the Goblin King, it is a race for the third. These orbs are what provide the magic that courses through Theradonia. In the wrong hands all three orbs will rain down evil upon Theradonia and all will be lost forever. With no hope of winning this war, the great Archmage has blurred the lines between all 6 realms including our own in hopes that a champion will come forward and save the magic that is within all of our worlds. If evil manages to get all three orbs a great shadow will be cast upon us all and darkness will forever reign.Please if you get this message, gather some champions and answer the call of the Archmage and save life as we know it.

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