Law Breakers
No Escape Inc
1501 W Dundee Rd Unit 102, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, United States
2-10 players
Duration: 60 minutes

Here's the scenario: you were locked up for a crime and you were able to escape. You need to clear your tracks and get rid of any and all evidence against you. You are almost done but there is still one piece of evidence that can incriminate you: a surveillance photo that connects you to the scene of the crime. Prosecutor has the photo locked up in his office. Your partner tried to retrieve the photo while you were detained by the police, but he's gone missing. We know the prosecutor is meeting with a judge right now, which gives you just enough time to locate and retrieve the photo. You have an hour. Be quiet, be attentive, be creative, and think outside the box because nothing is as it seems.

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