Michigan Escape Room
58944 Van Dyke Ave, Washington Township, MI, 48094
5-10 players
Duration: 60 minutes

WHEN BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT YOU WILL ONLY PURCHASE THE MINIMUM AMOUNT OF TICKETS THAT THE ROOM HOLDS. YOU CAN THEN ADD ADDITIONAL TICKETS AT THE DOOR AT THE TIME OF YOUR GAME. WE WILL NEVER ADD PLAYERS FROM OTHER GROUPS INTO YOUR ROOM. YOUR GROUP WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PRIVATE EXPERIENCE ONCE YOU PUT DOWN YOUR DEPOSIT!You've been kidnapped and are being kept in a warehouse in an unknown location. Using clues that previous victims have left, can you make your escape before your kidnapper returns?Please leave as many of your belongings at home or in your vehicle as possible for this game! Although you are allowed to bring your personal belongings such as purses into the room, it will take away from the effect. An 11th player WILL NOT be allowed into the room. It is suggested children under 11 years old do not play this game! Although it is not scary, there are effects and decor that may spook young children.

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