Hunt for the Dead Sea Souls
2 Eastview Drive, Farmington, CT, US

Can you rid the ship of the haunting souls? Rates Adult (ages 18+) - $28.00 Child (ages 13-17) - $28.00 Age Recommendations: Same Pirate Ship---All new puzzles! The room is dark and there are jump scares and spooky items. We recommend a minimum age of 13 years old. Teens 17 and younger must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Players younger than 15 must have at least one parent or guardian present in the room while they play. Please note: 3 people required to secure your private adventure room Duration 1 hour About You and your captain have secured a new ship from an acquaintance of his after a lengthy negotiation. The partner is getting out of the pirate’s life because she was betrayed by some of her crew a long time ago. She came back after a night of celebrations and found the crew searching the ship for a lost treasure, and she made them walk the plank. The haunting souls are not allowing the ship to set sail, so can you rid the ship of the previous crew in order to begin your new journey?

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