The Great Car Heist
3542 S Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV, US

Your car has been stolen! Can you find the evidence to convict Greasy Pete? Online booking is strongly recommended. Rates Players: $35 Duration 1 Hour Solve the Great Car Heist News outlets have reported a spree of car heists across the country and you are the most recent victims. You are convinced it is Greasy Pete, the shady auto mechanic from your town, and the evidence to prove it lies within his vintage auto shop. Your only chance at revenge is breaking in, finding the proof, and reporting it before he returns from lunch. Don’t expect this to be a joyride, as you’ll need to live life in the fast lane to escape this 60 minute race alive When you arrive for your escape room adventure you’ll be greeted by your own Escape Room host, given a short tour and briefing, and everything you need to have a memorable experience. We are located inside the Boulevard Mall with our own entrance just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, and Henderson. Our brand new facility has plenty of free parking, clean facilities, snacks and beverages and is free of smoke and crowds. It is an easy ride from any Las Vegas location via private car, cab, or rideshare and private bus transportation will find it easy to drop off and pick up guests. HeadzUp Vegas is located in the Boulevard Mall We are designed specifically for families, couples, groups, corporate events, and bachelor and bachelorette parties who want to enjoy the most fun and well designed escape room challenges in Las Vegas. You may be grouped with other people if you have not reserved all the space in the room. For a private rental, please call us at (702) 586-3085 or please email at Location Inside the Boulevard Mall at: 3542 S Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89169

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