Naughty v. Nice - A Christmas Conspiracy Story - Fri-Sun - Always a Private Escape Room
Exit Strategy Games
9833 Kent St, Elk Grove, CA 95624
4-12 players

ABOUT: Are you a Naughty Elf or a Nice Elf? You've been up in the North Pole making toys for Santa.  But a few of you have decided that being a nice elf is no fun so you've decided to be naughty! Santa is onto you naughty elves though, so he has set out a series of puzzles to see if you're a naughty or nice elf. You elves will have to strategically work together and then race against each other to figure out who is naughty and who is nice.  If the nice elves escape first, then they will go report to Santa what those naughty elves have been up to.  If the naughty elves escape first they're going to trick Santa into thinking they're really nice elves! Despite it's fun theme, this is a moderately difficult game. Hurry and play before it disappears (the set design is the same as Conspiracy Theory, with Christmas Decorations and 98% new puzzles, however there are the same set pieces / puzzle structure). GAME SIZE: 4-12 Players ALWAYS A PRIVATE ESCAPE ROOM: This means that you will never play with strangers.  If you book less than 12 tickets per game, the unused tickets will not be sold to anybody else.  Once you book your game, you always have the option to add and pay for additional players at the door, for up to 12 players per game. WARNING: This game allows up to 12 participants. HOWEVER we must WARN YOU that the "ideal" game size is 4-8 people per game. Over 8 people in this game makes the game start seeming a little crowded, and leaves certain people with no puzzles to solve, however, it is up to the individual purchaser to decide how many people they want to play the game, with a maximum of 12 people total per game.

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