Dolly's Closet
Escape Adventures
Chiefland, FL, USA
1-1 players

Angelica and Coraline were the best of friends both with an amazing imagination. Together they created a wonderous secret room called Dolly’s Closet. Dolly’s Closet was a place for tea parties, unicorns, and magical adventures. Angelica and Coraline were surrounded by all their doll friends and through their vivid imagination the dolls seemed to transform into living breathing creatures. While Angelica and Coraline were very careful to include all the dolls in their games. They each and their own favorite doll. Maggie and Lorelai. Countless hours were spent in Dolly’s Closet, playing games, sharing laughter and making memoires. Sadly, a horrible tragedy fell upon Angelica. Coraline was filled with sadness over the (loss) of her friend, and was unable to bring herself to play with any of Angelique’s favorite doll, Maggie. She excluded poor Maggie in all of the games and magical adventures. Once again through Coraline’s imagination Maggie was transformed into a living, breathing creature. Soon Maggie’s emotions turned to anger and resentment, fueled by exclusion and abandonment, she became something sinister. Something…evil. She took charge of Dolly’s Closet and began to terrorize not only the other dolls, but little Coraline as well. The more Coraline believed in Maggie, the stronger Maggie became. Until Coraline was now a prisoner in her own imagination and her mind became Maggie’s playground of torment. Can you help save Coraline from this demented doll? Find Maggie and free Coraline. You have 60 minutes to do it.

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