Detention: One Last Day of Summer
Armadillo Escape Room Adventures
Katy, TX, USA

Summer is sadly over but you're not ready to let it go even though it is the first week of school. You were trying to start the school year off got caught breaking the rules! Sent straight to detention after school meant missing the afternoon with your friends at the beach for the last time until next summer break. Will you be able to collect the items you need for the beach and pull an epic prank to get out of detention early so you can enjoy one last day of summer with your friends? All of this must happen in 60 minutes before the teacher returns and catches you! If that happens, forget your afternoon at the beach and say hello to detention for the rest of the year!If you're a first time Escaper, give us a call and we can talk to you about our beginner version of this adventure. To reserve a private adventure, please select "Purchase Private Adventure."

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