Curse Of The Mayan Ruins
Escape Hour Gig Harbor
3212 50th St Ct B-104, Gig Harbor, WA 98335, USA
2-8 players
Duration: 70 minutes

The dimly lit corridors and maze like hallways had us archaeologists intrigued. Stumbling upon what seems to be an undiscovered Mayan temple was more than fantastic news for our newly budding careers. With adrenaline running through our veins and aspirations in our eyes we investigated further. It seemed with every turn there was more and more treasure to be found, more and more great discoveries ahead. Although with each new finding, the air became colder, we all began to feel uneasy; this omnipresence was deafening. Something is happening. The further we explored the more lost we felt, until.... we stumbled upon a tomb, the entrance behind us slammed shut. Where are we? What's happening? With anxieties rising we fight to find a way out. Something is off, there is an unknown presence here. A consuming presence. We must escape before it's too late.

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Curse of the Mayan Ruins is just another amazing escape experience provided by one of the best escape rooms around: Escape Hour Gig Harbor. It’s adventurous, immersive, engaging, and beautifully executed. This is a game you CAN NOT MISS! The puzzles, sets, and immersion are some of the best I have ever done! Well done!
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