Crystal Casino
Crystal River Room Escape
8740 Mayo Drive Suite #5, Crystal River, FL, US

A Taste of Vegas in Crystal River! Rates Player (All Ages): $23 Private Room (All Ages, Up to 6 Players): $138 Duration 1 Hour About You have loaned your cousin Vinnie money to pay off some casino gambling debts. In return for the loan, he gave you this membership to a private club and you will try it out tonight. You really are not wealthy and probably shouldn’t have trusted Vinnie, but you two grew up together and he is like a brother. Even though you know nothing of the underworld he has gotten mixed up in, you have gathered your wife’s family to bring them to enjoy the evening and maybe, just maybe even win a little cash. Wouldn’t that be sweet? You will just have to see what the evening brings. One thing he did tell you for sure is to not try to cheat these people, as there would be no escape from their wrath. They really have no sense of humor about that sort of thing and they can be mean. Holy Cow!!!! As soon as you showed the card, the place locked down tighter than a drum and everyone was ushered out except you and your family. Your only hope now is to solve this puzzle before those tough looking guys get back with the “BOSS”. What has Vinnie gotten you in to? HELP!

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