60 to Escape
Gurnee, IL, USA

The CasinoSixty to Escape WisconsinYou and your team have been hired to pull off the heist of a lifetime! Deep underwater is Poseidon's Treasure Casino, where millions of dollars in pure gold sits in the vaults. You will have to override the systems and travel to great depths to pull this off - but with great risk come great reward! Will you rob this casino blind, or will your team be sunk? Find out, in Sixty to Escape's biggest adventure ever! Epilepsy Warning: This experience contains brief thematic elements containing theatrical lighting and smoke elements that may irritate certain health conditions. Pricing:All of Sixty to Escape Wisconsin's Games are Private! You will not be mixed with other players or groups!There is no minimum amount of players, however, we do recommend a group size of 4-6 players for the best experience. 1- 3 Players - $904 Players - $1205 Players - $150 6 Players - $1807 Players - $2108 Players - $240

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