Mass Street Stock Exchange
Breakout Lawrence
727 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044
1-1 players

A few traders on the exchange have been selling secrets from the inside and it's your job to find out who it is! Move quickly, because if you don't solve the case in 60 minutes or less, the criminals will escape your grasp once and for all! Welcome to the Stock Exchange, do you have what it takes? $30 per player, 2-6 players for Stock Exchange. *Breakout Lawrence games are private experiences. Once a game is booked for at least 2 players it is closed to the public. Additional players may be added when you check-in before your game up to the game capacity. If you have any questions, email us at Thanks! (This is a similar room to the following, and is not suggested if you have attempted any of the following Breakout rooms: Ala Moana Stock Exchange at Breakout Waikiki, or Undercover at Breakout KC Park Place in Leawood)

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