Body Of Evidence
Erebus Escape
34 Oakland Ave, Pontiac, MI, US

Rates $28 per person Duration 1 hour Room Description Parker's Funeral Parlor has been a staple in the town for decades. Providing beautiful ceremonies for loved ones as they pass on to the next life. But some bizarre questions have left reporters and police scratching their heads... Since Mr. Parker's death, a little over 10 months ago, death rates have skyrocketed. And the new owners of the funeral home never seem to be around. Nobody is looking to point the finger... but whispers of the something strange occurring at the funeral home have spread like wildfire. And the Parker's did have that really weird son... What to Bring Wear something comfortable. You may have to reach or crawl through certain areas of your game. Bring your brain and your imagination! No jackets, cellphones, tablets, calculators, pens or paper etc. will be permitted inside the games. We have secure lockers on site for you to leave your belongings in free of charge, so be sure to arrive 15 minutes early.

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