Bank Heist
Escape Cocoa Beach
5675 N Atlantic Ave. #113, Cocoa Beach, FL, US

Rates Person: $29 Private Group (up to 8 people): $232 Add 9th Person: $29 Add 10th Person: $29 Duration 1 hour About 11 men were convicted of Boston’s Great Brinks Robbery committed in 1950. They were given life sentences. Millions of dollars were stolen with only a few thousand ever recovered. A 12th man, Lester ‘Lefty’ McHale, was long rumored to be the mastermind of the crime. McHale, however, was never charged. Now 90-years-old and in failing health, McHale leaves his Florida home once weekly, when his son, also a reputed gangster, drives him to lunch. This outing takes no more than an hour. Does McHale still have some of the unrecovered loot? You have that hour to find out.

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