Escape Room Wisconsin
Appleton, WI, USA
4-7 players
Duration: 60 minutes

You have decided to get some extra cash by signing up to test a new drug called ALZ-110. When you arrive to the clinic, the lab attendant gives you a white pill that temporarily gives you Amnesia and informs you that the Doctor will be in shorty. The moment the attendant leaves, you learn that the Doctor will not be coming and has been operating illegally. With all the lab staff now gone, you and your group only 60 minutes to locate the antidote in the Doctor’s office. With the clock ticking down, you are slowly losing your memory and your mind. Are they playing a mind game, or is it all in your head? Booking Minimum: 4. You may then pay for up to 3 additional participants (total of 7) upon check in.

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